1212 Dezign Founders

It’s August 31, 1979, and the Popa Family lands at LAX in an effort to be free of the Romanian Communist Regime. Andre was 9 and Mike was 10! No English, no money, no choice but to work hard as a family to survive.

Their parents were both Electricians as their “assigned trade” back in Communist Romania, so taking that skill set, they did whatever jobs they could find, and eventually started their own company. After all, that’s the “American Dream”!​

And just like that, Andre & Mike were exposed to Electrical and Construction in general. After school and weekends were occupied with running wire, installing receptacles and lights… 

Opportunity in America was everywhere! They quickly found out that supermarkets throw away food that is expired or molding, every night at 10 PM. As soon as the dumping was complete, the boys would go into the dumpster and collect bags full of edible foods! This would be dinner, breakfast and lunch!

This lesson taught them that in America you can do anything as long as you’re willing to work for it!

As young adults, the entrepreneurial spirit took flight and they ventured out beyond Electrical and into Design, Construction & Development … this is where they found their passion, Real Estate! 

Why 1212? Both Andre & Mike are born on the 12th, so we decided to bring those numbers together as the brand!​

​Through the years, 1212 Dezign has grown and evolved into a Design and Construction Powerhouse, providing a “One-Stop Shop” solution for it’s diverse clientele. Whether you are looking to remodel your home, build a new home, design and build an office or commercial space, or simply re-dezign your space … We’ve got you covered from A-Z!

​While most companies strive for “customer satisfaction” … Andre & Mike have never been satisfied with the status quo, and strive to exceed each customers expectations by creating an unforgettable first-class experience!​